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Will Harry "Spare" Me?

This is the first book I am scared to like or to waste my time hating it. I wonder if there are many people around who haven't heard about Prince Harry's new book "Spare," that was released this week. I was definitely one of those people who wasn't planning to read it, but now I think I won't be able to avoid it.

I think most people who say they don't care about the Royal Family aren't being completely honest. Most people have an opinion about different aspects of the royal lives that were shown to us. Everyone, no matter how much they don't care, still talks about Them. This is a guilty pleasure topic for a lot of people. So much controversy and hot issues are connected to Them that it's just impossible to stay away.

I LOVE to read but definitely not all books are worth reading. Will this be worth my time I don't know, but the book might not "Spare" me?


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