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Whole Foods Shopping Tips

As the prices go up, it becomes more and more important how you shop. For a lot of people it matters where they get their food and how to budget for it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are discouraged to go to Whole Foods thinking that it is overpriced because it positions itself in this intimidating sector of healthy/expansive grocery stores. But living in New York City, it is pricing their products fairly, in my opinion, compared to it's competitors. Here are a few of my tips of how to shop there:

1) Consider placing your orders online for pickup

The pickup service is free as long as your order comes up to be over $35. It is very convenient because you just get everything packed for you and you just come at your own convenience and pick it up.

When you use Amazon app to order online, you can edit it as many times as you want. This way you sort of keep a running grocery list that you can monitor and see what you need and what you can do without. You can also see specials that Whole Foods offers weekly in the app.

2) Wednesday is the day Whole Foods announces its sales for the week

Every Wednesday after midnight, a new list of discounted or promotional items becomes available. There used to be a Whole Foods app, but I'm not sure it's still at the Apple store (it wasn't there when I tried to download it into my friend's phone a few months ago). The separate app made it super easy to scroll down and see what specials they are offering in your local store that week. Now, you can still see the specials but inside the Amazon App.

3) If you go to the store go around 10-11 am

If you go to the store too early, they might not have everything you are looking for because they haven't restocked the shelves. If you go too late a lot of things could be sold out. During lunch time, there are a lot of people coming in so it might not be comfortable to be walking around in a crowd and then standing at the check out line waiting.

4) Bring your own shopping bags

Whole Foods is one of the stores that pays you back 10 cents for each shopping bag you bring and pack. So, other than being good for the planet, it is also good for your wallet. The store also excepts their paper bags back and it used to pay for each bag you returned to its recycling, I'm not sure if that is the case still.

5) Amazon Prime members get bonuses

When at the store you will see them all around you. Also you don't have to pay for the bags if you are a member. All the items that are on sale will be even cheaper with membership.

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