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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Very easy and fast recipe for a week night or a weekend. This healthy dish will keep you full for a long time. We cook this at least once a week and we don't get bored of it.


3-4 Green Plantains

2 Tilapia Fillets

1 Onion

6 medium Tomatoes (2 large Tomatoes)

1 Lemon

Cilantro for garnish

Oil for frying (I used olive oil)


Start by peeling the green plantains, slicing them in circles, and then fry them up on both sides on a decent amount of oil. While you are frying the plantains, peel the onion, cut it in half, and slice it in half rings. Dice the tomatoes as desired. Make sure you are keeping an eye out on those plantain slices, don't burn them, when they are fried on both sides remove on a separate dish. Saute the onion in some oil. Once the onion is golden add the tomatoes and let them cook together for a minute. Put the fried plantains back to the pan and gently mix together. Salt the Tilapia fillets and place them on top of everything that is in the pan. Squeeze out lemon juice and cover with a lid to let the fish steam. Let it cook for 10-15 minutes but make sure to check if there is some liquid in it (if it's not steaming enough you can add some more lemon juice, or white wine, or even some water). Once the fish gets flaky and cooked to your liking turn off the stove and garnish the fish dish with some chopped cilantro. Enjoy.


- You can serve this with some rice.

- You can make the dish with more sauce just add more liquids, butter, or tomato sauce to it.

- Some Guacamole will go really well if served with this fish.

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