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Family Activities for Winter Holidays

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

It is THAT time of year!

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Even though the weather is chilly and it gets dark super early these days, it is the brightest and coziest time still. And it is all thanks to families! Those closest to you make it an extra special and cheerful time. Today I would like to share some ideas of how to spend time together to the fullest!

family in christmas pajamas looking at the fireplace and a text overlay in white letters Family Activities for Winter Holidays

Visit a light show

Lights shine extra vividly this time of year, thanks to the extra dark nights. Just like in the children's book by Lupita Nyongo's "Sulwe," we need the dark to appreciate the light. Around the holidays the towns and cities get decorated in the most glorious illuminations and people brave the coldness of the air to go see them.

Some places go an extra mile and make spectacle out of it. We visit this kind of neighborhood every year as a family. My family walks the crowded streets of Brooklyn Heights and enjoy getting our faces frozen.

Holiday Baking

My family isn't crazy about sweets but we love to cook. We often invite our friends to share these moments with us. I host a party for the kids to decorate cookies and cupcakes. A tip: you can just decorate the stuff you bake in advance, so you wouldn't get stressed about oven space, clean up, and would have more time to chat.

Movie Marathon

I know for a lot of people, it has become a tradition to watch all the Harry Potter movies around this time of year. My husband and I watch Lord of the Rings, haha, and with kids all the thematic cartoons we can think of. There is nothing cozier than getting into your PJs and warm socks, getting your favorite snacks out, and binge watching something together. Check out our Christmas movie list here.

Reading Books

It is a tradition for my daughter and me to read a new book each day of December as we count down days to Christmas. I make an advent calendar for her by wrapping 24(25) books individually and she gets one out of the stack every day for us to read together. It is always fun to see how she gets surprised by each one we open. There are great options for premade Book Advent Calendars online for kids.

Check out our Christmas reading lists:

There are many more things to do and enjoy as a family. Let me know about what you do for holidays with your families.

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