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Here are some of my favorite must haves when I'm working with paper.

Every time I make flash cards for my daughter I use this little guy to cut down the corners and make them nice and round.

I also used it when making my own custom envelopes and other paper crafts.

When you have tons of papers to cut or trim down this gadget really comes in handy.

It is way less scary than the heavy duty chopper ones but doesn't cut as many sheets of paper once.

Every crafter MUST have this! It has saved me so many times.

I used it to make so many things. One Halloween I didn't have a costume but I had some red paper so I made a dragon mask and I didn't even need to design it (just picked from the available things from Cricut platform).

It is a sort of a meditation for me to roll the paper into beautiful shapes. These tools come in very handy when doing it.

This tape is unlike double-sided tape. This stuff is permanent and surprisingly strong.

It is very clean to use and doesn't make a mess like other adhesives.

I can't stress enough how handy these are. Whether you are trying to gold paper or to trim a small detail, this is what you need.

Of course, there are many more that I use all the time so please subscribe to receive updates. I would also love to hear from you, Dear Reader! Let me know what things do you use on regular basis when crafting?

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