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Candied Orange Peels

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

In the time of quarantine it's important to be very frugal and mindful of what you are wasting. If you happen to have some orange peels that you don't want to throw away then this recipe is for you. You can definitely substitute orange peels with ones from lemons or other citrus fruits. I came up with this recipe because we ran out of all the candies and my 2 year old was demanding a candy. Since we can't leave the apartment I had to improvise.


Orange peels (I used 3)

1 cup sugar

1/5 cup water

1 TS butter


Wash your peels and cut them in stripes (try to make them the same size but it's completely fine if they are different).

Put them in a pot and cover with hot water then put the pot on the stove and let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Drain the peels and fill the pot with water again. Let it simmer for another 20 more minutes. {This process helps get the bitterness out of the peels.}

Repeat the previous step again (drain the peels, refill the pot, and let simmer for 20 minutes).

After you drain the peels the last time make the syrup. Combine water with sugar in a pot and add the butter to it. wait for it all to melt together and add the drained peels to the syrup.

Allow this to simmer untill all the syrup gets absorbed into the peels about 1-1:30 hours.

Arange some parchment paper on a sheet pan andspread some suger on top of it.

Put the syrupy peels on top of the bed of sugar and cover with some more sugar.

Let the sugary peels dry out for a few hours so they can harden. After they become hard ENJOY THEM! If you want you can store them in an air tight container for a month.

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