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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

With the beginning of quarantine everyone is trying to stay sane at home with kids. So I have decided to put together a list of the games our family enjoys playing at the moment with our two year old. Here are 5 games that we play:

1. We started by buying a CLASSIC JENGA and while the little one started by being very clumsy with it, in a few days she started to become more and more coordinated. We build a tower and then take turns taking out the blocks until the tower falls down.

2) THE HONEY BEE TREE GAME is the game that the kid is winning every time. The rules are easy. You put leaves inside the honey tree base and then fill it with little bees. Everyone takes turns pulling out the leaves and bees fall down if you aren't careful enough.

3) The game I remembered so well from my childhood and I wanted my little one to play is

a FISHING GAME. My daughter gets so excited when the fish start to move around in circles and even though she still perfect her catching technique she's off to a good start.

4) CONNECT 4 is another classic game that is appropriate for toddlers. My little one loves putting the little chips inside the brackets and then letting them fall out. She is learning how to count with the help of this game.

5) The game we are trying out this week is ELEFUN. It is a physical game that will make your little one jump around trying to catch butterflies that a toy elephant is throwing up in the air.

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